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Firefly Magic

Fireflies at Night

You ever wonder what you would miss most if you suddenly became blind?  

I was thinking that last night as I was out doing my nightly walkabout. Probably because it was so dark and I could hardly see while waiting on my eyes to adjust. I walked right into a tree one night and I knew the darn thing was there. I was groping around for it when my face found it. I also walked right into the back of Tim’s truck another time. It scared me so much I screamed right out loud because I didn’t know what it was at first. The truck is a dark gray color and I thought it was parked somewhere else. I hit it hard and hurt several areas on my body. It hurt enough to make my eyes water and then I stood there giggling  because it scared me so badly. THEN I looked around to see if anyone saw me. You know how you do when you accidentally trip or stumble. Try to act like you did it on purpose. “I really meant to smack into that truck and scream suddenly like that, I did!” 

 Anyway, every year I wait anxiously to see the fireflies come out. I worried this year they may not be so abundant because we had such a cold winter. I watch the woods for that first little white blink…I will see it and perk up…no…it’s the neighbors porch light shining thru the woods…or maybe a car’s headlights over there…so I wait some more…go out every night…look…and eventually, there it is! My first sighting of a lone firefly blinking, winking, floating through the trees. I am always so awed and so dumbly happy to see them it’s pitiful. What’s truly pitiful is the firefly dance I do to welcome them in…but I won’t describe that.   

 Slowly, over the course of a few nights, it becomes a FireFly Family Reunion and I can’t wait for dark every night so I can go watch their gathering.  If you creep to the woods and stand still (which is difficult because apparently the mosquitoes are their kissing cousins) they will come close enough you can reach out and carefully catch one. I like to hold them gently in my closed hand and see their little light flicker through the cracks and then release them. They are so beautiful drifting through the bushes and trees, zigging, zagging, floating, coaxing for a mate. Sometimes it looks like Christmas trees all lit up in the woods. 

With the fireflies come the Whip-poor-wills and for a little while the blend of bird music and tiny lights fill me with pure joy at just being a witness to such a wonderful thing and I’m happy to be alive. I’m grateful I can still see – and hear – even if both those senses are dimming a bit as the years go by. 

I would miss hundreds of things if I was struck blind…and those fireflies would rank in the Top Ten. 


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