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A Perfect Day

Once in a while, you get a perfect day.  Yesterday was one of them.  I called my friend Judy, who does my taxes and we got together at 1:00 so we could get them done.  I get there and Judy, her mom and I sit down and eat delightful little crackers with different cheeses and chat.  Judy’s mother is so sweet and I love her so much.  I stopped into Publix and bought her a little pot of some kind of lilies with pretty flowers.  It’s so nice to have a “Mom” I can still give flowers to once in a while, you know?

We finish up our lunch and Judy and I get to the tax stuff.  It didn’t take long, she got us some money back (she is so good!) and we were ready to do something else.  The plan was to go visit my mothers grave and spif it up and come on back to her house and I’d go home.  But we veered off the track, like we usually do, and also went to where her family went to sprinkle her dad’s ashes in the river.  We wandered the roads through Arlington and gazed longingly and admiringly at the beautiful homes along the river.  We went to the Lions Club Park over off University.  There is a fishing pier and boat launch there.  The day had begun gloomy and cold and magically had turned sunny and almost warm.  The river was beautiful and we were both in a great mood just being out in the sun near the water.  We walked along the beach and talked.  Judy kept picking up trash and I had to keep helping her with it, haha. 

There is a nature trail next to the fishing area so we decided we would take that.  I armed us both with pepper spray – I had two in the car.  We took our beers and smokes and headed out for what we thought was going to be just a short walk.  It turned into a hike pretty quickly.  Between us laughing like fools over stuff and just enjoying the gorgeous day and the woodsy walk, it turned out we may have even done the whole trail and then some!  Judy kept walking towards the sun trying to stay in it, going through palmetto bushes which make me very nervous, like she had on snake boots and chaps.  I’m keeping a close eye the whole time and she is walking nonchalantly along and discovers this very neat little piece of beach with sand on it and a bench!  A tree had fallen over and the root system sticking up along the shoreline was absolutely incredible to see.  We both lamented we didn’t have our camera.  She said, “I have one on my phone!”  I said, “Do you know how to use it?”  She said, “Nooo…”  I said, “Well neither do I so we’re still out of luck.” 

I know when I’m licked.  A couple of beers and anything mechanical or technical is beyond my comprehension.  We said we’d come back again and get the pictures, but we both know that was an extra special day and the tide was perfect and pictures like that usually only happen once.  We hung out on the beach for a little while and then made our way back to the car.  Judy says to me, “Do you know who killed J.F.K.?”  and I slowly remembered the last name, then the middle name, but couldn’t get the first one.  Lee Harvey Oswald.  This led to who killed Abraham Lincoln and Robert Kennedy and John Lennon.  We were doing brain teasers.  Sometimes we do state capitals, this day we did murders.  Her clues were priceless.  You had to be there to see the clue for Sirhan Sirhan but trust me when I say it had us both falling out in the parking lot laughing so hard. 

We finally had to agree that it was time to get back and went to use the bathroom there and the doors were locked tight.  Two paper towels later behind the bathrooms and much, much, more laughing, we both agreed we were glad we DID NOT have a camera.   We slowly made our way back to her house.  We said our goodbyes and I drove home and smiled and giggled the whole way with joy at such a perfect day.  Spontaneous and unplanned! 

The perfect ending to this perfect day was that my husband was feeling much better from his cold and felt like having a few cups of cheer with me and we both played guitars (me mostly with my two chords I’m good at) and him doing lead and we actually sounded pretty good!  Or so we thought anyway, but it didn’t matter we had a blast.  We put in a Eric Clapton music DVD and listened and watched him and were in bed by 9:30.  Fuzzy and happy.

We really all need more days with good friends, sunshine, love and laughter.  I will remember this day for the rest of my life.  I will.


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