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5 ByPasses?

Les and Marti

Les and Marti

Here is the most current news in the family…Lester had to have bypass surgery last week.  His blood pressure shot so far up that he admitted himself to the hospital and after a weeks worth of testing, found out he had three blockages.  When they performed the surgery, he actually needed five by passes.  Lester is 46 years old.  He is on the road to recovery and he’s feeling pretty good.  In pain, but good.  Back home waiting to go back to work.

I sat at St. Vincents the day of his surgery with his wife Marti during his surgery.  This was the first time I’ve had a chance to just sit and talk with her since she and Les got married!  Lester has married a wonderful woman and he is so lucky…she thinks of him as her best friend!  I don’t know if he knows that or not, but she does.  It was just really nice to get to know her a little better.   We don’t get to see enough of them and we need to change that.

The other day on our way to the hunting club, we passed their house and for the first time saw them both in the yard and stopped in to say hello.  Lester showed us his scar and it is just a thin line down the middle of his chest.  He says he’s going to have a zipper tattoed over it, LOL!   That evening when we passed by again on our way home, we saw them out in the yard and I realize how lucky we are to still have him here.  That he didn’t die.  That he made it through the surgery and is still our Festus.  We blew the horn and we all waved and grinned at each other. 

Way to go Fess!  Love you so much!  Thank you God for my family.


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I miss my mom


The other day I was sitting in the dermatologist’s office – being a Baby Boomer living in Florida, I get myself checked out once a year.   I’ve not only burned myself a million times, my mom burned me up very bad when we first moved to Florida from Maine.  There were all those Coppertone Baby highway posters of that little blonde girl with the doggy pulling down the back of her bathingsuit bottom that was just so cute!  Well, I was little and blonde and she wanted me to look like her.  All brown with a white butt.  She took us all to the beach and back then, sunscreen was not available on the CVS shelves like they are now.  Heck, no one was getting melanoma!  At least, it wasn’t being advertised!  I played in the sun all day and got burned and very sick; so much so that she had to take me to the doctor, who gave her grief about letting me get so sunburned.  Now…I go to the dermatologist religiously.   

Anyway, I’m sitting in the office and I’m waiting my turn along with these two other people.  They were older than me by far, probably in their seventies.  They’re sitting in their chairs discussing the magazine they are reading.  He gets up to go use the bathroom.  The assistant comes out and calls his name and the wife says, “He is using the bathroom.”  He eventually comes out and she tells him they are looking for him.  He goes to the counter and says he is back and they ask his last name and he looks at his wife and says, “What is our last name?”  She tells him, he tells the assistant, and back to the good doctor he goes. 

I’m sitting there absorbing this.  I realize that this is where we go when we get old, IF we’re lucky enough to stay together to get to this point.  

The thing I notice most is how the old woman smells.  She’s an attractive enough old woman, we should all be so lucky to look like her in our 70’s.  SHE SMELLS LIKE MY MOM.  She is wearing Estee Lauder’s ‘Youth Dew’ and I badly want to get up and sit closer to her.  I want to hug this woman and tell her I love her.  This has happened to me so many times.  I can be in a grocery store and catch that scent and I will track it down to see who is wearing it.  Once it was an older black woman ahead of me in the aisle picking out meats.  I know that I stared at her enough to make her look at me and how can I explain that I smell my mom and you make me think of her?  Please may I hug you? 

At the doctor’s office though, I’m flipping thru my magazine…I’m breathing in deep so that I can smell my mom and I close my eyes and I think of her and it makes me feel really good…this scent.  I can feel my mom next to me and wonder if it is God’s way of letting me know that my mom is thinking of me.  My mom whose body is six feet under, but her spirit and her soul are with me. 

When Mom died and we all had to go through her belongings and dispose, share, give away all her things – the one thing I knew for sure that I was going to keep was her powder box of Youth Dew.  I still have it in my top drawer.  I took one of her blue silk blouses and put it in my cedar chest and I dusted the blouse with the powder and wrapped it in blue paper to preserve it. 

To this day, when I really am missing my Mom, I will open the chest, pull out the blouse and smell my Mom.  If the scent gets weak, I dust it more with the powder. 

My brother Lester is the same way.  He also thinks of her when he catches that fragrance on someone.  He said once, right after she’d died, that he was lying in bed and thought he heard her footsteps going down the hall  to the bathroom.  I don’t know what he wanted me to say, but I said, “Maybe she needed to pee?” and we both fell out laughing.  We chuckle about it in a sad way, but both of us make each other feel better talking about her. 

That is how God lets us know that Mom is still here, she is still our Mom, and I’ll bet you that she still carries that scent with her in Heaven. 

It is very, very hard to lose the one person who thought you hung the moon, could do no wrong, and believed you to be the best thing ever created.  She thought that of all her children. 

I miss you Mom.  WE miss you.  And we will see each other again.  Isn’t that just the most wonderful thing the Lord has given us??  WE WILL MEET AGAIN.

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