My Husband’s Poem from his Friend at his Retirement Party

Lament to a Leader

Like a library without a book

Like Congress without a crook

Like an athlete without a ball

Like Bogey without Bacall

Like a bride without a groom

Like a custodian without a broom

Like a tourist without a condo

Like a rusty car without Bondo

Like a toilet without a flush

Like Conservative’s without Rush

Like a toothbrush without toothpaste

Like New Jersey without toxic waste

Like a sailor without the navy

Like a biscuit without the gravy

Like a poet without a rhyme

Like Jacksonville without a crime

Like Huddle House without a griddle

Like Bluegrass music without a fiddle

Like Tiger without a putt

Like HBO without smut

Like a burger without an onion

Like a podiatrist without a bunion

Like Ralph Nader without consumers

Like Victoria’s Secret without bloomers

Like a fisherman without a lake

Like maintenance without a break

Like a tire without a rim

Will we be without Tim

Goodbye, Tim                                          written by his friend Harold…


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