Connie Joan Christian Smith

My sister in law was over the other day.   I had the day off and spur of the moment, she called me and said “Let’s get together and have lunch, you have any peanut butter?”

Course I do.  She came over and made my entire vacation day.

She asked me why I hadn’t written anything in my blog lately.  I have no good excuse except I’m too busy at work now to do so.  LOL

So Connie, since you asked, I found something to blog about!

Connie is the wife of my brother Brian, who died in 1996.   She is the sister I never had.  I’m not positive, I’d have to check my diaries, but I believe she came into our lives around the time I was 12..13… somewhere in there. We lived in Miami at the time my brother met her in high school. I fell in love with her the first time I met her.  I think she realized that I needed a sister to show me and tell me things I didn’t know and couldn’t talk about with my mom.  You know how mom’s and daughters are about some things.   I wasn’t close to my mom until I got older and left home.   Connie coming into our lives was like having a bright shining star enter the room every time she’d step through the door.  She would put on make-up and let me watch and show me different ways to wear eye shadow, she showed me how to put on a bra the right way; not that I had any boobs, but I wanted to know if ever I did.. (Which I never did, haha, bras were useless on me).   I remember one night I heard her come into the house and I was in bed and she told my mom she had some old bras to give me that she thought I could wear, and I couldn’t wait to see what she’d given me.  I was grinning in my bed like I was someone!

We ended up moving back to Jacksonville and Brian came with us.  My oldest brother Leslie was in Korea. It seemed like every weekend Brian was headed back to Miami to see Connie.  He’d be singing, “Going back to Miami…going back to my girl!”  She eventually ended up in Jacksonville, they got married, and had two beatiful children.  But before then, she’d come spend the night with me, so she could be near Brian, but she always paid attention to me.  We made up our own song…”OHHH the gopher guts are sweeter and the beetle brains too… they’re shot with sugar, through and through!”  It was a cereal song tune that we put our own words to.  We’d sing it and laugh like hell.  She introduced me to beer and raw eggs to make your hair shine.  We would dance to music and I’d try and follow her moves because she had so much rhythm.  She’d dance with her eyes closed, engrossed in the music. 

Connie and I always stayed close to this very day, even though my brother has been gone for almost 15 years.  So hard to believe.  I used to love to stop by their place after work before I went home just so I could see them.  She’d always pull out some snacks to munch on and the three of us would sit at the table in the kitchen and talk, even it was just for 30 minutes.  I can’t open a Triscuit box without thinking of those days, I mean it.   If I was ever upset about anything I could always run to Brian and Connie’s and they’d listen to me and let me cry.  Brian worked on my cars over the years until I met Tim, who can fix anything. I know Bri must have been relieved!   But I knew Brian would always help me out of a jam.  They both were there for my mom when she needed help.  They were the best couple I knew to this day.

I wish we could see each other more often, but we do talk on the phone as often as we can and I know I can always count on her to listen to me when I need a friend.

Connie….thanks for all the years…I love you immensely!  See you soon!  Doe


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