The Dam Doll

The Dam Doll

This is a doll I had back when I was about 12 years old.  Back in the 60’s.  They were popular back then.  They were called Trolls and all my friends had at least one.  I also had the little ones with the different color hair.  I’m sure you can still buy them somewhere but I never see the original DAM dolls.  She was made by Thomas Dam and his family in Denmark.  She is about 7 inches high.

I never did name my doll.  I enjoyed calling her my Dam Doll.  I would say, “Has anyone seen my Dam doll?”  or,  “I’m going outside to play with my Dam doll!” and then laugh like crazy.  Mom and Gram both knew why I was doing it and really didn’t say too much because sure enough, it said Dam right on the bottom of her feet!  I’d be sure to point that out if they got on to me about it.

You really have to admire the little dress I made for her.  It’s what you can now call “vintage”.  I cut her hair too.  It used to go down to her feet.  i was into shoulder length, I suppose.   I was always cutting my doll’s hair.

Sure wish I’d kept my original Barbie, Midge and Ken dolls.  I think they’d be worth a small fortune by now.   Story of my life…saved a lot of stuff from childhood and my teenage years but nothing is worth a lot of money.  I sure wouldn’t part with the memories though…


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