Old Phone Call Home

My friends – remember the old days when there was usually only one phone in the house and it was located in the kitchen where everyone could hear you talking?  If someone asked you your phone number you said, “Exbrook 8 – 7195” or “EX8-7195” and they knew what you were talking about immediately.  (That was our phone number when I was about 7 years old. 

Well, things have certainly changed since then, huh?  I felt very lucky to have a Princess Phone in the room I shared with my MOTHER when I was a teenager.  Nothing was better than listening to your boyfriend’s heavy breathing on the other end of the Princess Phone.  The heavy breathing was usually because he’d fallen asleep while we were talking, LOL.  I mean, geez, he’d stay at my house all evening and then go home and call me and I’d make him talk to me until one of us fell asleep.  Teenagers are so…out there.

But for you youngsters who think the big thing is texting and tweeting and having all the cool phones, you need to have just a clue of what we had…Check out this video and try not to laugh at the little girl who is struggling to keep smiling.  And then when you get upset because you are stuck with the Blackberry when you could have a Droid Incredible, or whatever the heck it is, remember to be grateful to your parents for what they give you. 



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