Is It…Could It Be…Spring?

How many of you have noticed the trees along the road putting out those tiny little shoots of green? The red maples and the purple what-ever-they-ares have been showing off for the past three weeks but I haven’t seen the usual greening of the trees. Until today. Through my filtered sunglasses that make the world rosier than it really is.

It’s getting downright gorgeous out there folks. You can almost hear the trees grunting to shoot out those little fuzzy leaves in different hues of green, gold, reds, yellows… It has been a tough winter for us Floridians, no doubt.

Below is a picture of a tree next to the garage. Now this is a beautiful tree but it also makes me miserable. We’re going to watch this tree and you’ll know what I mean. For now, suffice it to say, it’s grunting.

No leaves yet


Check these out. Now at one time this was a trio of whatever the heck kind of palm this is. We’ve had it here for oh…about four years? This is what is left. Kind of makes your heart ache, doesn’t it? One trunk has already gone and I’ve pulled it off, another trunk is all spongy and I’m not even sure about the third trunk. I hate to keep poking it.

Please Be Alive

Please Be Alive

Now here’s something sad…last year in March we planted three Foxtail Palms trying to spruce up the back yard for Lester and Marti’s wedding. They grew right through summer and were getting taller and prettier all the time. Until January. Remember that two weeks of 20-30 degree weather every night? Lovely, wasn’t it? We covered them in blankets stem to stern but it was hopeless. They’re dead. See the little wiggly things coming out of the trunk of this one? They all have it. Wood borers, we suspect. Chewing on that nice dead soft wood.

Notable note – As of today, according to Mr. John Gaughn on our weather station, it has been 92 days since we last saw temperatures above 80. Something for the record books. Who shives a git, I ask you. Just give us some warmer weather.

What Are Those Things?

What Are Those Things?

Wow.  The grass is dead and the weeds are coming in.  Great.  Stay tuned. I will take more pictures of these pitiful plants in a couple of weeks to see if there’s been any change. Oh. Except for the Fox Tails. They are coming out this weekend.


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