Litterbugs Need Squashing

I’m taking a vote.

We own a corner piece of property.  About a month ago Tim was planting a garden on the corner lot and cleaning up along the fence line.  Before he could even get started he had to pick up the trash and the beer cans.  A neighbor from across the street helped him and he said that he knew who the person was throwing out the jist of the beer cans.  Bud Lights.  Big cans.  Tim said between the two of them they probably picked up two large garbage bags of Bud Light cans only.  These cans are a bright blue.  They show up nicely along the road.  

However, now the Bud Light beer cans are showing up in front of our house.  Seriously.  I counted five of them between our house and our neighbors just this morning.  One was thrown right next to the mail box.  I’m getting a little miffed about it.  It’s like a slap in the face!   I guess whoever this person is saw that they’re getting picked up so he’s going to make it a little easier by throwing them in front of our house!

 I have raved inwardly about this all morning.  What I want to do is pick up all the Bud Light cans and put them in one bag and save them until I have a big bag full.  I’m going to ask my neighbor who the clown is that is doing this.  Then I’m going to sneak down there after dark and distribute them in his front yard.  There is a $500 fine for littering on our road.  I figure I won’t be littering if I throw them in his yard right?

 Vote Yes or No – Would I be considered un-neighborly if I do this?

Be honest.


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  1. 1

    Connie said,

    No! I agree with you, pick them up and throw them all in his yard!!!!!

  2. 2

    Sharon said,

    Invite the guy over for a beer and while drinking this beer, having the little “getting to know you” BS conversation, interupt the conversation by saying, “oh by the way, while I am thinking about it, I have something for you”. Take a slow long sip of your beer as you stand up to retrive his “something”. This will get his curiosity going. Then as you hand him his bag of empty beer cans, tell him… for some reason you thru these all along my property and I really want you to have them back and would appreiciate it if you would not throw any more my way or anywhere on along the path to your house. Otherwise, I WILL have to invite Nassau County’s Finest into your trashy game. Now, are we gonna be good neighbors or bad neighbors??

    NO you would not be considered un-neighborly. You would be considered a Red Neck neigbor that is from Oceanway. Giggle, giggle!!

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