Can’t You Smell That Smell?

What is it with me and trash?  Last Tuesday morning I got in my vehicle and thought, “Whew!  It’s starting to stink in here, smells like wet carpet!”  I felt around on the floorboard at my feet and it felt dry.  I had this problem before.  Some something got plugged somewhere in the roof and it caused water to back up somewhere, I don’t remember how, when or why now, but it made my carpet wet and it stunk for several days.  I had it fixed while I still had a warranty but darned if I remember where they said those places were that I need to keep cleaned out so it doesn’t happen again. 

I believe it rained hard last Tuesday?  So by Wednesday it stunk even worse.  On Thursday, I was rolling down the windows so I wouldn’t smell like the damned car when I got out of it!  I once more felt around in the floorboards and couldn’t find wet carpet.  Actually, it had gone beyond wet carpet smell, it was starting to smell DEAD.  WTF?????  I couldn’t find anything on my front or back seat floors and I seriously searched.  Looked into the trunk area behind the seats and nothing looked unusual there either.

Weekend comes.  I didn’t go anywhere on Saturday so my car stayed closed up right until Sunday afternoon when I think to myself, I need to open the windows and air it out.  Maybe that will help.

I opened the car door and the stink about knocked me over.  (Picture fumes wafting about  like heat waves on the highway).  I actually staggered.    OKAY THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG HERE.  I pop the hood.  I peer all over the engine, the radiator and I’m sniffing it and smell nothing.  Well, it isn’t in the engine anyway.  I open all the windows and lift the back gate and now there is no denying it is somewhere back there. 

I keep a insulated bag in my car that will hold cold foods and keep them cold until you get them home.  Nice one, I got it from Sam’s some time back.  I will haul that baby right into Winn Dixie and save bags using it.  A couple of the older fellows at WD will tease me if I forget it when they go to bag my groceries.  One of them knows how to pack that sucker until I can hardly lift it.  And that is what he did last Monday when I went shopping during my lunch hour.  He packed it with all my cold items and I carried them home Monday evening and put them all away.  Then I took my paper bags and put them inside the cold bag and put them all back in the trunk of my car for future use.

Guess what didn’t make it out of the bag?  Grouper.  A ‘BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE” pack of Grouper fillets.  I finally opened that darn cold bag, saw that package of grouper, pulled it out and almost puked it was so nasty smelling.  The cat came running just a-meowing.  She loves fish in any shape or form.  I had to smack her away from me to get it to the garbage.  Thank goodness the trash goes out on Sunday, I hurried that entire container to the road with a quickness.

At least now my car smells better.  I finished airing it out and put some nice smelling crystals in it.  What a relief. 

Mom always said “Fish and company stink in three days.”  She wasn’t kidding about the fish.


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