Happy New Year

OMG 2009 is gone!  It’s 2010.  Do you say “Two thousand ten” or “Twenty ten”?

Guess it doesn’t matter.  I’ve typed it several times today and it’s rather a strange thing to type.  I almost feel like I’m picking at a guitar.

We had a GREAT New Years!!!!  Absolutely AWESOME!  No lie.  We invited several couples and friends over for a party sometime earlier in the month and neither of us remember it.  Kim called a few days prior to and asked if we were still on for the party and had me completely stumped.  I tried not to act it, but my mind was racing trying to remember when I’d said anything about a party!  Eventually I figure out we’d told Bob and Nancy one night when we were both having Wild Wednesday and they remembered and passed it on.  It was a great idea! 

About 7:30 Lester and Marti appeared.  Then it was like they all came at once!  Kim, Rhonda, Nance, Bob, Curtis, Dana, Sharon, Mark, Glenn and ??? (oh gosh, I’ve forgotten his name)  Richard, Cheryl, Keith and Mary. 

Within an hour the band was set up in the living room and the music and fun began!  Curtis Willis and The Bad Influence are my favorite band in the whole world, bar none.  We danced, laughed, ate and partied our way into the New Year and right on past it until after 3 in the morning.  How Tim got up and made pancakes and sausage the next morning is beyond me, but he did.  I also have about 4 minutes of me dancing to boot scoot boogie while holding my camera and it recording.  The floor is spinning back and forth and my hand partially covers the lens but you can hear the music and everything else.

Needless to say, we slept off and on all day Friday.  Only got up to eat and go back to bed and let the Noodle out to pee.  She was in heaven with us piled up in bed all day.  Such a sweetie.

If every year could start off this great, we’d all be truly blessed!

Thanks everyone who came and helped us bring in the New Year!  Love you guys so much!!!


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    sil said,

    Yes, what a fantastic New Years Eve Party!! Dana and I would not have been anywhere else. We so thank you for inviting us. What a wonderful and fun group of friends you and Tim have. We so enjoy hanging out with these good people. Aong with a very talented group of musicians who kept us dancing and rockin’ the New Year in all night long. Not a better way to start a New Year!!
    Another most wonderful thing is no drinking and driving, you provide sleeping arrangements for all. As this drunken partier said a few times, one could not go anywhere and pay a cover charge of any dollar amount and have the good time we had. I want to thank you, Donna and Tim once again for yet another awesome evening of entertainment! You are the best!!

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