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The Rainbow


I woke up from a horrible dream this morning.  I won’t bore you with the details but it was one of those where when you do wake up, you lie there a moment and you feel the bed beneath you and look at the ceiling, then over at your husband and dog sleeping next to you and are amazed and relieved that it was just a dream.  I got up and went to the bathroom and thanked the good Lord that it was just a dream.  Well… I thanked Him right after I apologized for praying on the toilet.

 I thought about the dream the whole time I was having my coffee and smokes.  I didn’t talk about it, of course.  It would only upset Tim and besides, it was a dream.  I felt uneasy the whole time I was getting ready for work.   You know, you wonder if it’s a sign or something of things to come.  The worst part is that in the dream, I was struggling with the changes in my life that were about to happen and I wasn’t happy with them and I knew I was being selfish, selfish, selfish and I couldn’t help it!  So when I did wake up with that huge relief, part of it was because my life hadn’t changed and so far nothing horrible had happened to me.  I still feel guilty for my selfishness in the dream.  

On my way to work coming down US1, I see this HUGE beautiful rainbow.  It starts in Callahan proper and looks as if it ends right where our house stands.  What is truly weird about the rainbow though is this is the SECOND time I’ve awoke from a bad dream, went thru the same morning ritual, and got on US1 and saw a rainbow!  I swear!  It happened about a month ago when I was driving down the road thinking over the dream and inwardly praying to God that nothing was going to happen and then I see a rainbow.  It gives me such hope and makes me feel so much better.  It makes me feel that God is listening to me and he sent me a sign, you know?

 Meanwhile, I’m doing about 45 in a 60 mph zone and cars are zooming by me and I’m hanging onto my steering wheel trying to look out the front window and plastering my face to my side window trying to see the whole rainbow and swerving like a crazy woman all over the road.  I’m thinking, “Don’t you guys see this rainbow?  Slow down and look, for Pete’s sake!”  I wonder is anyone else seeing the rainbow?

 I pull into the store, get my smokes and as I’m pulling out, my cell phone rings.  Darn thing never rings so it catches me totally by surprise and scares the bejesus out of me.   It’s my friend Cheryl.  She says, “Was that you in the cig store?”  I laughed, and said, “Yeah, it’s better than seeing me pulling out of Hardee’s with a gravy biscuit, isn’t it?”  (We all know that means I’m suffering from one too many cups of cheer the previous night.)  We talk a second and I mentioned the rainbow and she said she saw it too!  Said when she got into her car she thought she saw a “skinny” rainbow overhead and didn’t see it good until she got on US1.  And she too was gawking down the highway looking at it, swerving, wondering if anyone else was seeing it.  We had a good laugh over that and hung up.

 So this morning I saw a rainbow for the second time in a month and the best part is I was sharing it with someone I love very much.  God really is GOOD.


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Birthdays Come and Go…

I just want to write a short note about what a great 55th birthday I had last week!

First, I must confess that every year for as long as I can remember, I play the same mind game with myself.

It starts in the mornings when I say to myself, “I have 6 more hours to be ___.”  And the countdown begins.  I was born at 1:09 p.m. so I always allow myself those few hours until I actually believe I’m my real age.  I picture my mother in labor.  I picture her going to the hospital.  I picture her waiting on me to be born, not knowing if I’m the girl she’s been wanting or the third boy.  Mom said she had three miscarriages before she got me, so I’ve always felt kind of special.  Haha.  Or weird, one. 

 I will glance at the clock off and on waiting for 1:09.  This particular year, it rained like heck.  Mrs. Jia said it’s lucky when it rains on your birthday and I choose to believe her.  So I held off going to lunch because of the rain but finally needed a ciggy so about 12:50 I went for a drive down the road and watched the clock until it got to 1:09.  I will shout, “___ years ago I was born at this very minute!” 

 Then I spend a few minutes hoping my mom and dad and two brothers were really happy to have me land in their world.  I think how fortunate I was to be born to such a wonderful family.  I think about my mom being happy to finally get that little girl!

Then I get over myself and become my real age and life goes on and I don’t think about it anymore.  LOL  Uh, like REALITY sinks in or something. 

 My brother and Sil came over after work to celebrate with us.  Even though it fell on a Thursday, that did not stop us from celebrating with a few cups of cheer.  I left work at 3:00 so I had a head start. 

My dear Tim picked up KING CRAB LEGS and scallops.  Two of my favorite foods!!!   Bro and Sil hung around for about two hours.  They both gave me funny, musical cards and perfume and candy.  Tim is trying to teach me to play the guitar so we played a little at that while Dana did his harmonica and I had to keep sucking the ends of my fingers because they hurt so bad from holding down strings.  I can’t wait for calluses on the tips!

 After they left, we had a few more drinks and then fixed the seafood and stood at the counter dipping huge chunks of crab into melted, salty butter and stuffing it into our faces and making delightful ‘orking’ sounds.  Think WHALES, haha.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

 I’m glad I’m 55, I guess.  You could say I’m the old speed limit now.  Or, as Dana says, DOUBLE NICKLES.

 Thanks guys, for helping me celebrate another year.

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Happy New Year

OMG 2009 is gone!  It’s 2010.  Do you say “Two thousand ten” or “Twenty ten”?

Guess it doesn’t matter.  I’ve typed it several times today and it’s rather a strange thing to type.  I almost feel like I’m picking at a guitar.

We had a GREAT New Years!!!!  Absolutely AWESOME!  No lie.  We invited several couples and friends over for a party sometime earlier in the month and neither of us remember it.  Kim called a few days prior to and asked if we were still on for the party and had me completely stumped.  I tried not to act it, but my mind was racing trying to remember when I’d said anything about a party!  Eventually I figure out we’d told Bob and Nancy one night when we were both having Wild Wednesday and they remembered and passed it on.  It was a great idea! 

About 7:30 Lester and Marti appeared.  Then it was like they all came at once!  Kim, Rhonda, Nance, Bob, Curtis, Dana, Sharon, Mark, Glenn and ??? (oh gosh, I’ve forgotten his name)  Richard, Cheryl, Keith and Mary. 

Within an hour the band was set up in the living room and the music and fun began!  Curtis Willis and The Bad Influence are my favorite band in the whole world, bar none.  We danced, laughed, ate and partied our way into the New Year and right on past it until after 3 in the morning.  How Tim got up and made pancakes and sausage the next morning is beyond me, but he did.  I also have about 4 minutes of me dancing to boot scoot boogie while holding my camera and it recording.  The floor is spinning back and forth and my hand partially covers the lens but you can hear the music and everything else.

Needless to say, we slept off and on all day Friday.  Only got up to eat and go back to bed and let the Noodle out to pee.  She was in heaven with us piled up in bed all day.  Such a sweetie.

If every year could start off this great, we’d all be truly blessed!

Thanks everyone who came and helped us bring in the New Year!  Love you guys so much!!!

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