Trashcan Diving

Last night I had to go trashcan diving.  Now granted, it was our own trashcan, but it was still not what you’d call fun.  Worse yet, I did it twice. 

I am missing the glass top to a wonderful little ceramic pot that I use to make my tea.  It cost me a gracious plenty along with its set mates at a Princess House party I went to several years ago.  My niece gave the party and I really loved this cookware set because the handles are removable and you can go store them easily.  They have other great features too.

Anyway, I’ve lost the lid to my favorite one.  I made tea Saturday night in it while I was fixing turkey pot pie from the thank-you-Jesus-they’re-gone leftovers.  I had a few drinks along with it.   We watched the poor Gators get pretty well stomped by Alabama.  They deserved a few more drinks from me.  I made one too many phone calls that night, LOL.  We won’t go there but trust me, if I call you when I’ve had a few, just hang up on me, okay?

I get up Sunday and notice the tea bag on the back of the sink, no tea made, the pot in the sink, but no lid.  I wasn’t concerned at the moment.  Sunday came and went and while doing the supper dishes, I started seriously looking for the lid.  I could not find it anywhere.  I SEARCHED for 30 minutes.  Woke the hubby up and explained it to him.  He gets up and starts looking for it.  I resign myself to trash detail and pull on my warm clothes, dress my feet, and tromp down to get the big can from down by the road.  I look thru the bags on top and do not find it.  I figured this had just happened this weekend, right?  No need to go through the whole weeks worth of trash!  I take it back to the road, go back in the house, remove the heavy clothing and continue my search.

We searched some more and still no lid.  I am frustrated and suggest we just quit, it’ll turn up eventually, I know it’s not in the trash, and try and go about my business.  But the whole time my mind is churning trying to remember the last time I saw that lid.  Maybe it was before the weekend, maybe it really could be in the older trash in the bottom of that big, deep, dark, dank, nasty trashcan.  I pull my warm clothes back on, put on my sneakers again.  I go back and get the trashcan and pull it around to the back and turn on the bright lights and pull on my trusty rubber gloves.  THIS time I open and DIG through every darn bag in there and I still do not find my glass lid.  I was just so SURE, you know?   I did give up this time and I went in and took a shower after that nasty ordeal.  All of this was reminding me of other dumb things I’ve done.  Like put the bowl of tuna fish salad in the cupboard instead of the frig, then discover it a few weeks later.  Or wonder how the potholders got in the frig.  Or finding the dishcloth in the freezer.  I mean strange things happen around my house that I just can’t explain!

So there is a moral to this story but damned if I know what it is.


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