Pearlie Girl

Our Little Girl

I know I’ve been lax in writing lately, and I’m trying to do better.  It’s a busy time of year both at home and at work.

I do have to write about this funny little creature we have in our home now.  I’ll make it short.

When I get home at the end of the work day, she is really glad to see me.  She has a way of standing on her back feet at the baby gate in the laundry room door and holding on with one paw.  Because her body is wiggling with pure delight at seeing me, it makes her other paw waggle back and forth, as if she’s waving.  But it’s the grin that gets you every time.  The fuzzy areas on either side of her nose will lift up, sort of squint her eyes, and produce the cutest grin you’ve ever seen on a dog.  Somehow I’ve got to get this on video.  We’re not the only ones who have seen it, she actually can smile.
She isn’t much of a barker – she makes a “woo-woo” noise when she is trying to say something to you.  Her little mouth just puckers into a perfect O and this little woo-woo-woo will come out that you can’t help but laugh at!
She loves me but she adores Tim. 
I usually get home before he does and after she’s over greeting me, the wait begins for him.  She will jump up on the couch and hang both paws over the arm and stare at the kitchen door.  When he gets home, the dance, the grin, the woo-woo starts all over, only it’s way more abundant.  He picks her up and she is the happiest little dog in the world.  The whole greeting time can last 10 minutes sometimes, she is just that excited to see us at the end of the day.
At night, she isn’t happy until we’re all in the bed together.  Tim has taught her this “sweet baby” paw movement.  She will rub both her ears with her paws over and over, being absolutely adorable, when he says, “Be a sweet baby.” 
Last night I took her into Home Depot in her little dog carrier.  Just popped her into the cart and off we went.  She doesn’t make any noise, just looks around at everyone and everything.  It is really nice to be able to take her with me. 
Our little Libbey was a wonderful dog for 17 years, but Rocksey Pearl has been a gift from Heaven for us.  It is just nice to have a dog with a good attitude.

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    Lester said,

    You are spoiling her wait until she grows up

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