5 ByPasses?

Les and Marti

Les and Marti

Here is the most current news in the family…Lester had to have bypass surgery last week.  His blood pressure shot so far up that he admitted himself to the hospital and after a weeks worth of testing, found out he had three blockages.  When they performed the surgery, he actually needed five by passes.  Lester is 46 years old.  He is on the road to recovery and he’s feeling pretty good.  In pain, but good.  Back home waiting to go back to work.

I sat at St. Vincents the day of his surgery with his wife Marti during his surgery.  This was the first time I’ve had a chance to just sit and talk with her since she and Les got married!  Lester has married a wonderful woman and he is so lucky…she thinks of him as her best friend!  I don’t know if he knows that or not, but she does.  It was just really nice to get to know her a little better.   We don’t get to see enough of them and we need to change that.

The other day on our way to the hunting club, we passed their house and for the first time saw them both in the yard and stopped in to say hello.  Lester showed us his scar and it is just a thin line down the middle of his chest.  He says he’s going to have a zipper tattoed over it, LOL!   That evening when we passed by again on our way home, we saw them out in the yard and I realize how lucky we are to still have him here.  That he didn’t die.  That he made it through the surgery and is still our Festus.  We blew the horn and we all waved and grinned at each other. 

Way to go Fess!  Love you so much!  Thank you God for my family.


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    Lester said,

    I have a great sister and beautiful wife who is also my best friend this has been the hardest thing i have dealt with, each day brings a new pain or sensation but i will overcome this.

  2. 2

    Ms. Jia said,

    I swear, Donna, I am going to have to stop reading your blog if you don’t quit making me cry. I sit down here at my computer, with little or nothing on my mind, and the next thing you know I am sobbing. You have such a talent for making me cry. I loved the dog one, and was wiping away tears, and then I read this Les one, the by pass one, and that just polished me off. Now I can’t even see what I am typing, I am crying so hard.
    You have such a wonderfully sensitive talent, I have never seen anyone better. Bless your heart, what a good writer you are.

    • 3

      Doe said,

      Thanks, Mrs. Jia, for your sweet words. You have been a major influence in my life and I have your little books wrapped in a ribbon in a special place in my bookshelf. I adore you.

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