Ear PlugsI don’t know who invented those spongy little tubes that you squeeze and roll and put in your ears, but I love them.  After insertion, you can  hear the background noises slowly disappearing, it’s sort of like being in the pool and  lowering your head until just your ears are under water, but you can still see what’s going on around you if you keep your eyes open.  You can hear your heart beating…you can hear yourself breathing, but it’s all muffled and pillowy. 

I have to do this quite frequently at work.  My bosses get loud when they get to discussing mill stuff.  I don’t really want to hear it.  I need to concentrate on my blog and they are disturbing me.  What is really disturbing is when I have to pull one out to answer the phone.  I’m trying to drown the clowns around here and they won’t stay down.  LOL  I must push harder…


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