Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette

So there we are last night, hubby and me, home from work, doing our usual griping about the job, and we fix ourselves a nice vodka, pineapple juice, oj, and cranberry drink.  Get thru the first one okay with only the one “had a helluva day, need to relax” cigarette.  How come those little suckers taste so good when you have a drink in your hand.  I give my box a look and see there are only three left.  Well, that truly sucks.  I mean, I know at this point, I’m going to have more than three drinks and that means only one ciggie friend to go with each one.  Did I mention we’re trying to quit?  Oh yeah, doing the whole Chantix thing too.  Which really helps but ONLY IF YOU LET IT.  Next thing we know, we’ve fixed ourselves a drink for the road and we’re headed to the local zippy to buy another pack.  Ended up spending almost $12 for two packs of freaking cancer sticks!!!!  And he got me those long Virginia Slim types that last forever because they didn’t have my old brand.  (The good old Misty’s that I used to smoke before they got too expensive and I had to start smoking the Indian brand which is wayyyy cheaper and not too bad either!).   Everhow, by the time I finish smoking one of those, my head was spinning and I was high as a kite.   At work, I find myself eating instead of smoking.  I bought some M&M’s the other day, but screwed up and got the peanut butter filled, which are nasty to me, by mistake.  I put them in the kitchen.  I’m being sort of bitchy at work and one of the guys offers me some of them, and I said, no, I don’t like them.  He goes and buys me the type I like, plain old chocolate filled M&M’s and gives me the whole bag.  Then I gripe that I’m trying to lose a few pounds and please hide them from me.  He takes them away.  I come in this morning and there are little bags of M&M’s everywhere I look.  Taped to my computer, under my mouse, in a cupboard, in the bathroom, and the bag itself with a few left, tacked way up high near the ceiling where I can’t reach it.  So far I’ve eaten three of the baggie’s full.  And now I need a cigarette.


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    Ms. Jia said,

    Donna, i love ALL your entries, but I especially love this one. You really have such a talent, and it tickles me to death. I also love the present for your grand daughter one. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. I just can’t get ANY of it right. I now say $$$$$ and only $$$$$$$ , and if mom and dad spend it so be it. I just can’t find what they order. Love you, AND your blogs.

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