Raving Rabbids – What????

Raving RabbidsI’m going to learn one day.  Give the grandkiddies money for their birthdays.  I am going to smack myself repeatedly in the head until I remember this.  This past Tuesday after work I flew over to Walmart to buy my granddaughter what she’d told my husband she wanted for her birthday.  He wrote down, “Raising Rabbits – TV”.  A Wii game.  I drive the 15 miles to a mall in J’ville that also has a Bed Bath & Beyond in it so I can kill two birds with one stone.  In Walmart, I’m struggling at the Wii aisle looking for Raising Rabbits.  Discover that it’s really Raving Rabbids.  Oh!  Okay!  Whatever!  Grab the game.  Drive the 15 miles back home – did I say that this was all thru a raging, horrible thunderstorm??  I’m so proud of myself that I’m actually early this year with at least one of the grandkid’s presents.  So today, I use my lunch hour to deliver the gift to her, I’d also bought her some bath toiletries.  She’s 11 and I think maybe she’d like some grown up stuff for a change.  She calls me around 11:15 saying the other two grandkids, younger than her, are making her crazy wanting to know if I’m going to stop and get them Happy Meals.  Uh..okay, I say, thinking, alright, if I leave here at 11:30 and haul butt, I can get to Mickey D’s and drop off everything and maybe only be a few minutes late getting back.  I spend 20 minutes in the line at McDorks.  I get to the kid’s house and unload everything.  Taa opens her gift package.  I have the wrong Raving Rabbids.  What? What????!!!  It says right on the back, Bunnie’s Gone Bad, which had already given me a start when I read that, but it was rated “Everyone” so I figure it’s okay.  But it’s not okay.  It’s not Raving Rabbids-TV.  Well, shoot, I thought when I read the TV on hubby’s note that it just meant be sure you don’t buy a movie version or something, heck, I don’t know what I thought but I sure didn’t think there were different versions of Raving Freaking Rabbid!! 

Taa looks at me with abject sympathy in her eyes.  Poor old Mema, she’s so out there somewhere…I ask her, why would you want the same game your friend has?  Why wouldn’t you want a different game??  Well, DUH, Mema, so we can play it here at my house!  I’m still trying to make sense of it…but what does an old lady know about tekky stuff anyway.  So now, it’s back to Squall Mart, return the durned wrong one, then on to Target to find the right one because I already know Wart Mart does not have the “TV version” of these crazy rabbits.   Ahhh grandkids…you gotta love them.  Money from now on.  I keep saying this…


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  1. 1

    sharon said,

    whew!! I’m exhausted just reading that. you done good as always, you are such a good grandma!

  2. 2

    Connie said,

    Holy smokes…. I need a seditive. One sentence for you…….
    Walmart.com – Starr uses it and it is great. DO IT MAN!!!

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